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Brisbane Pool Inspections


Affordable, quick and simple, Brisbane Pool Inspections is a Brisbane-based, independently owned pool inspection company which services the entire Brisbane area. When the new standards came into effect in December 2010, we noticed a need for simple explanations and straightforward solutions, and set out to be a logical and helpful service in making sure your pool is in accordance with Queensland pool safety regulations.

Brisbane Pool Inspections perform certified pool inspections and provide pool fencing installations as well as minor repairs. We are experts in pool safety fencing and have the ability to perform pool fencing repairs, especially for those clients who need to comply with the new pool fencing regulations. We’ll clear up any and all queries you have regarding the pool safety regulations .

Brisbane Pool Inspections has been a registered member of SPASA QLD ( Swimming Pool and Spa Association) since 2012.

We are also fully insured to perform pool safety inspections and repairs.


NO HIDDEN COSTS. We are up front with all costs involved.

Brisbane Pool Inspections to date has issued over 1000 pool safety certificates and has been operating since December 2010.

Contact us today and we will get back to you within 24hrs.

To book an inspection, call on 0413 356 844, or email us at david@brizpoolinspect.com.au