Brisbane Pool Inspections


If you have concerns about your pool requirements, read the following questions or contact us.

Q. What is the deadline to register my pool or spa?

A. Pools had to be registered by midnight Friday 4 November 2011.


Q. When do I need a pool safety certificate?

A. You are not required to obtain a pool safety certificate by November 2015 unless you are selling or leasing a property with a pool.

Regardless of whether a pool safety certificate is required or not all pool owners must ensure their pool complies with the current pool safety standard by November 2015.


Q. Will I receive a fine if I don’t register my pool?

A. If the department is notified of un-registered pools an on-the-spot fine of $200 may be issued or a maximum court penalty of $2000.


Q. My spa has a fully lockable, solid cover. Do I still need to have a complying barrier for the spa, and why?

A. Yes. There is still the potential for the lockable lid to be left open or unlocked.

For this reason, a complying pool safety barrier is required for spas and some portable wading pools.


Q. Do I need to register my outdoor spa?

A. Yes. If you have a residential swimming pool or outdoor spa, you must register your property’s information with the department.


Q. Do I need to register or fence my portable wading pool?

A. The new laws do not apply to portable pools if they:

  • have a depth of less than 300mm
  • have a volume of less than 2000 litres
  • have no filtration system.

All 3 criteria must be met to be exempt.


Q. Are you selling your house or unit?

A. A Pool Safety Certificate is recommended at the time of Settlement. Brisbane Pool Inspections recommend that you book an inspection as soon as a Contract of Sale is signed, to make the sale process easy


Q. Are you buying a house or unit?

A. The Buyer can accept the responsibility for getting the Certificate, and extend the time period for getting it to 90 days past settlement, but you need to agree to purchase the property without knowing what repairs or upgrades are required to make the pool fence compliant. It’s a risk, so be careful.

Local Councils are currently issuing fines to those who “forget” to get their certificates after 90 days.

Brisbane Pool Inspections offer a “Pre-Inspection service” where we provide a report to you regarding the pool fence compliance, before you agree to purchase the property