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Maintenance of pool fences and safety barriers is essential to reduce the number of drownings and serious immersion injuries of young children in swimming pools.

Pool owners are responsible for ensuring pool barriers are maintained and damaged fencing or barriers are fixed immediately.

Pool fences and safety barriers commonly fail because:

  • the gates are not self-closing and self-latching from all points
  • the height of the pool safety barrier is less than 1200 millimeters because ground levels and garden beds have increased or grown over time and have, therefore, reduced the height of the pool barrier
  • the adjoining boundary fences have climbable rails
  • the windows opening into the pool enclosure are open-able with more than a 100 millimeter gap
  • there are climbable objects near the pool safety barrier.


Make your pool barrier compliant

There are a number of easy fixes to help ensure your pool safety barrier or fence complies:

  • replace, tighten or adjust the hinges on your gates
  • make sure the pool safety barrier height is 1200 millimeters from bottom to top
  • trim back any vegetation or branches that a child could use to climb over the pool safety barrier
  • shield or remove climbable objects within 900 millimeters of the pool safety barrier
  • install permanently fixed security screens on windows that open into the pool enclosure
  • remove climbable objects from the pool safety barrier and surrounding areas.


Summer pool safety ahead of new laws

Summer pool safety ahead of new laws

There is now one pool safety standard, the Queensland Development Code Mandatory Part 3.4 (PDF, 1.3MB), that replaces 11 different pool safety standards.

You may also refer to the Queensland Government’s pool safety laws for more information regarding the pool safety regulations.

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